Tor Mini


Expandable Memory upto 64MB

On Chip Memory – min 2MB

Expandable Memory upto 64MB

On Chip Memory – min 2MB


Web based utility to configure CANBUS


Load dump protection as per ISO 7637-2 with IP 65 Enclosure

Interfaces ​

Lite Gateway with serial communication interfaces : RS 485/CAN/BLE

Fully Certified​

Type tested and fully certified by ARAI

Value to your business

  • Suitable for a variety of mining and earth moving equipment
  • Coupled with Tor equipment manager unlock the true potential of your machine fleet
  • Monitor machine run hours, productivity and other analytics with meticulously developed algorithms
  • Predictive maintenance module provides possible breakdown alerts thus reducing machine downtime
  • Live location tracking and Geo-fencing to prevent your machines from venturing beyond specified perimeter
  • Fuel Pilferage alerts, because your fuel belongs to no one else but you
  • Description
  • Specification

With TOR Iota at its core, Mini is augmented by several features which improves the scalability of the system by leaps and bounds.

Apart from communication with multiple slaves on MODBUS, Mini also has inherent support for CAN J1939.

Having on-board channels for Analog and Digital signals along with a counter, this gateway can integrate sensors without any additional hardware interface. With inbuilt GNSS, know the exact location of your assets. The I/Os of Tor mini can be used in shunt ie tap into your existing sensors without the need to invest in adding sensors.

With the ability to integrate sensors and multiple controllers on MODBUS and CAN protocols, Mini is aimed towards equipment management applications adopting Star network topology.

Fundamental characteristic of equipment manager is its capability of harmonizing the assets of different makes and models and hosting them on a common platform.

Power Supply

Supply voltage10 to 40 V continuous 
Maximum supply voltage40V continuous 
Reverse polarity protection-40V continuous
Maximum operating current100 mA at 12V

Communication Ports

Internal Memory2000 records
RS485 Serial portData connection 2 wire + common Half Duplex
Internal termination (120W)
Max common mode offset 70V (on board protection transorb) Max distance 1.2km (¾ mile)
CAN PortJ1939, OBD
SMS AlertsAvailable
RS232 Port / TTL PortOne at time

Communication Interfaces

Wireless ConnectivityQuad-band 2G GSM/GPRS engine
Location TrackingGNSS engine
Data Transfer ProtocolHTTP


Operating Temperature-20 to +75 deg C
Storage Temperature-40 to +95 deg C
Humidity 95 Rh
Vibration 5g
Enclosure IP IP 65


Certifications CE, RoHS
Compliance To ISO 7637 – 2 , IEC 6100, ESD EFT Burst, ISO 11452-4,-2, ISO 67637-2


Analog inputs2, max 15V DC
Counter input1
Digital inputs3, max 30V DC

Frequently Asked Questions

The Tor mini gateway is suitable for monitoring moving equipment like trucks, dumpers and other vehicles.

Sensors with a 0-10V or 0-5 volts output can be connected to the analog channel of Tor mini while potential free digital switches can be connected to the digital input.

Yes, they are optocoupler isolated.

The Tor gateway is web configurable.

Yes it is suitable for harsh environments.

Tor Mini has complete EMI/EMC and Environmental type testing certification.

Apart from the Tor platform, the Tor gateway has native compatibility with the Microsoft Azure platform and can communicate with other platforms using Https and Mqtt protocols.