Tor Iota


Expandable Memory upto 64MB

On Chip Memory – min 2MB

Expandable Memory upto 64MB

On Chip Memory – min 2MB


Web based utility to configure MODBUS memory map

FOTA enabled

Easily reconfigurable remotely over FOTA


Lite Gateway with serial communication interfaces : RS 485/ RS 232 / TCP-IP

Fully Certified

Type tested and fully certified by NABL as well as EMI EMC tested

Value to your business

  • System condition monitoring and abnormality detection
  • Out of the box Compatibility with Tor platform
  • Low latency and lite web sockets protocol support for reduced data consumption
  • Preventive and Proactive maintenance made possible.
  • Real time performance of your assets and products with Live Dashboard
  • Predictive Analytics based on recorded machine data
  • Description
  • Specification

TOR Iota is a lite edge gateway which supports 2G GSM as the primary data carrier. It supports multi-slave MODBUS along with serial communication.

The Tor IOTA gateway comes with a front-end configurable utility that helps you set modbus RTU addresses and allows you to get your system up and running in the least possible time.

This device is specifically designed for applications which involve Point to Point network or Star network topology, that are systems which are operated by smart controllers who can communicated on standard protocols.

Thus, TOR Iota finds its place in the applications involving remote monitoring of Diesel generators, chillers, compressors, solar pumps and other equipment with dedicated controllers.

Power Supply

Supply voltage10 to 40 V continuous
Maximum supply voltage40V continuous 
Reverse polarity protection-40V continuous
Maximum operating current100 mA at 12V
PSU Surge TestingCompliance to ISO 7637 – 2, Load dump protection (12/24V supply )

Communication Ports

Internal Memory1000 records
RS485 Serial portAvailable
RS232 Port / TTL PortAvailable
SMS AlertsAvailable

Communication Interfaces

Wireless ConnectivityQuad-band 2G GSM/GPRS engine
Location TrackingGNSS engine
Data Transfer ProtocolHTTP


Operating Temperature-20 to +75 deg C
Storage Temperature-40 to +95 deg C
Humidity 95 Rh
Vibration 5g
Enclosure IP IP 65


Certifications CE, RoHS
Compliance To ISO 7637 – 2 , IEC 6100, ESD EFT Burst, ISO 11452-4,-2, ISO 67637-2


Frequently Asked Questions

Tor Iota is a low-cost serial communication gateway that is meant for use with stationery equipment.

Tor Iota does not have I/O channels onboard and can not be interfaced with sensors directly. To connect sensors to Tor Iota you need to use an I/O expansion card.

There is a configuration utility for the same.

Yes it is suitable for harsh environments.

Tor Iota has complete EMI/EMC and Environmental type testing certification.

Tor Iota supports TCPIP, Https and Mqtt protocols to connect to third-party platforms.