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Industrial IoT Solutions

Gain complete visibility of your business with our cutting edge Industrial IoT solutions including Asset Monitoring, Energy Monitoring and Telematics.


Map view of all vehicles

An online map showing tracked vehicle location, status and current speed

Near real time vehicle tracking

See near real time GPS location and speed of vehicles. Data is updated every 60 seconds​

Fuel consumption insights

Review the vehicles fuel refills and consumption trends


Get alerted to activity for specific locations and times

Manage fleet productivity

RPM measurement allows you to monitor the productive run time of your fleet

EV monitoring

See state of charge and Distance to empty insights on the application

Forklift monitoring

Monitor the performance of your forklifts including track-on times and lift on times

Birds eye view of all equipment

Attach equipment to sites located across a large geographical area

Comprehensive equipment monitoring

Integrate sensors and capture all important parameters for end to end monitoring

Built in Maintenance Scheduler

Maintenance schdule can be maintained based on time, run hours or Kms travelled 

Eliminate log sheets

Digital auto generated log sheets to eliminate manual reporting requirements

Single line diagram view

Gain granular access to the total energy consumption of your plant

Patented LENZ insights

The patented analytics engine throughs abnormalities in a priortized manner for taking actions

Load manager

Switch on/off loads remotely for complete central control

Miscellaneous 235_Expanded
Complete electrical parameter monitoring

The system provides an interface for comprehensivley monitoring vital electrical parameters such as voltages, currents, powerfactors, power and energy

Birds eye view of all branch operations

Visually identify top and bottom performing branches and outlets

Configurable BI

The customisable dashboard can be configured to display the most important KPIs for real time monitoring

Integrate with ERP

The system is capable of fetching data from major ERP systems for a seamless approach

Frequently Asked Questions

IoT or the Internet of Things is a system that helps connect any equipment, machine, tool, or asset to the internet for monitoring and control. An IoT system aims to use data to improve productivity, quality, reduce cost and make life easy.

An IoT system helps unlock complete transparency. It helps identify areas of improvement that can lead to enhanced productivity and reduced cost. An IoT system helps you manage your equipment at your fingertips.

A typical IoT system is quite complex and consists of several moving parts. The TOR IoT system is an end-to-end ready-to-deploy system that helps you accelerate your IoT adoption with high levels of reliability and flexibility.

The Tor IoT system is cloud-enabled. You don’t need any specific infrastructure for deploying the system.

The TOR IoT system is inherently secure. It is fully certified and complies with the latest global standards of IT security.

Yes, the Tor IoT system can be deployed on-premise.

Yes, it is possible to port the Tor IoT data to third party analytics applications through restful APIs.

Depending on the application complexity typical deployment times vary from 4 weeks to 12 weeks.

We provide SIM management services for activation, deactivation and managing compliances.

The cost varies depending on the application area. Please contact us for the latest pricing information.

Drop us your contact details here and our team will get back to you ASAP.

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